Marine Operations/

Deployment and Interaction


Longitude is uniquely experienced in the interaction of ships with other ships, boats, equipment and the shore. We have specialists who work in a variety of markets whose different skills and experiences when brought together provide a complete service offering in this area.

Hydrodynamics, Impact & Shock Analyses

Our hydrodynamicists perform complex simulations using state-of-the-art 3D diffraction and large displacement solver software. Our structural engineers undertake strength, impact and shock analyses using finite element software.

Ship Design & HAZID Analyses

Our ship designers have comprehensive knowledge of vessel structures and equipment to ensure a smooth Class approval and construction. Our operations and safety engineers perform HAZIDs and safety case analyses, while our metocean analysists process hindcast data to determine operability statistics for weather-based operations.

These specialist skills are co-ordinated by project managers with knowledge of the expectations of the different markets and clients and can deliver projects from specification to commissioning.

Naval Ship Design & Military Mooring

For the defence market we have developed and trialled military launch-and-recovery systems and have expertise in davit arrangements, stern ramps and docking ships. These naval ship design projects involved the review of existing systems, making recommendations for new systems and ensuring the suitability of the both the ship and the boat for their intended operation. In some cases novel design solutions have been developed to enable boats to be recovered onto their mother ships.

Longitude carries out military ship mooring and towing capability assessments both for conventional alongside-berths and for non-standard operations such as alongside towing at sea in waves. We give practical advice on the development of mooring systems for new and existing ships, supported as required by the design and analysis of mooring equipment and ship sub-structures. Longitude provides assurance in mooring regulatory compliance, development of operating procedures and forensic engineering.

To execute these projects, our specialist engineers provide a range of engineering services, including:

  • Boat and equipment launch-and-recovery systems design and installation
  • Mooring equipment design and installation
  • Small craft capture and deployment systems
  • Dynamic gangway selection, analysis and installation design
  • Turbine Interaction on wind farm support vessels
  • Simulation of well-intervention stack deployment
  • Dynamic lift analysis overboard or through a moon pool
  • Alongside mooring systems
  • Multi-body motions simulations
  • Structural impact assessments
  • HAZID assessment
  • Safety Cases
  • Weather uptime analyses

Longitude’s clients include defence companies, shipyards, transportation and offshore installation contractors, vessel owners and asset owners. Solutions are tailored to the client’s specific requirements, ensuring the timely delivery of compliant, safe and cost-efficient designs.