Ballast Water Systems

Longitude Engineering offer a turn-key solution to the specification and integration of Ballast Water Treatment systems to help you meet the requirements of the Ballast Water Management Convention.

Complex Ballasting System integration for existing vessels and platforms

Longitude has extensive experience of integrating complex systems into existing vessels and platforms which enable them to deliver a full system package including:

  • Selection of an appropriate treatment system
  • Identification of required treatment rates
  • Analyse existing ballasting equipment and advise on upgrades where necessary
  • 3D scanning of available spaces to suit the treatment plant
  • Specification of the integration points with the existing Ballasting system
  • Perform required calculations for the vessel Class authority
  • Design equipment seats and support structures in accordance with Class requirements
  • Produce detailed piping isometrics
  • Identify removal/installation routes and work in way
  • Produce comprehensive drawings and integration guidance to allow for accurate installation costing and to minimise refit time through prior purchase and fabrication of system components
  • Produce an updated Ballast Water Management Plan for the vessel
  • Specify and design the integration of the systems into the vessel’s existing alarm and platform monitoring system

Longitude Engineering have completed the above tasks for a range of commercial operators on vessels as diverse as vehicle ferries and cable laying barges.

Longitude can also work with existing preferred suppliers for equipment, systems and installation to manage commonality across fleets and existing procurement routes.

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Longitude Engineering were contracted by A&P Falmouth, to provide the design information required for the retro-fit of Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS) on Condor Ferries’ Commodore Goodwill and Commodore…