Our Offices

Longitude’s international offices share common technical capabilities but specialise in different markets.

Close collaboration amongst our international offices provides a consistent standard under a common quality assurance system, which allows us to share work to cope with varying workloads and transfer knowledge and experience so that we act as a single company across the globe. The Longitude offices are located in different time zones around the world to ensure that we provide continuous support to clients wherever they are based.

Longitude’s diverse client base includes offshore oil and gas companies, offshore renewable energy firms, defence departments and manufacturers. Because these organisations are located around the globe, Longitude operates a number of offices in key locations.

The Singapore office covers clients in Asia, while our office in Tampico, Mexico, serve operations in North, Central and South America. Our three UK offices – in London, Exeter, Southampton and Newcastle – deliver maritime consulting and engineering services to clients in the UK and across Europe.

Our UK family also includes our OSD-IMT office based in Dundee, Scotland. From this office, our team of engineers specialising in ship design solutions, are able to support a wide range of clients across all marine sectors: renewables, maritime, defence, oil & gas, commercial maritime. Via Longitude’s broader global footprint, OSD-IMT is also able to support clients with solutions across the world, working with companies in the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Middle East.

As a marine consulting and engineering firm with an international outlook, maintaining offices in all time zones helps us to effectively deliver our services.