Exhaust Gas Emissions Management

With in-house expertise on carbon emissions consulting and engineering for alternative fuel use, Longitude offers in-depth knowledge of a variety of green-tech systems for a more sustainable marine environment.

Scrubber systems

IMO Annex VI sulphur regulation calling for 0.1% sulphur limit in ECA areas by 2015 & worldwide limit of 0.5% by 2020 latest and to address this, a number of different types of scrubber are available in the marketplace.

Longitude’s engineers have experience with all manufactures of scrubber systems and technologies and are able to provide advice to clients as to what type of system is most suitable for a specific ship and how this may need to be integrated into the vessel and its systems.

Longitude is also able to support our clients by engaging with manufactures during the procurement process and in providing detailed design engineering for the installation of the scrubber systems.

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Longitude Engineering is ready to support its customers with their efforts to reduce harmful emissions from ships. With the 2020 Sulphur cap to limit emissions of oxides of Sulphur…