Advanced Finite Element Analysis

Longitude’s structural engineers have extensive experience with advanced finite element analysis in the marine environment. Our clients regularly request us to assess all manner of floating structures with a combination of structural dynamics, time domain simulations, linear and non-linear stress analysis, fatigue and buckling checks. In addition our engineers can model gaps and contacts in structures which may be a wide range of materials including, steel, aluminium, composites even soils

Global Hull Strength Analysis

Across all vessel types and services Longitude has provided global strength and fatigue analysis of fixed and floating assets.   For an offshore asset such as an FPSO, FSO, Semi-Submersible or rig  a global strength analysis may be undertaken either as a full ship model, where all primary and secondary structure in the hull from bow to transom is modelled, or as a three hold model, where the critical tanks in the mid-ship section are.

This analysis may also be enhanced to assess the structure in way of an internal or external turrent, ensuring that the mooring turret is properly intergated into the hull of the vessel.

Structural Dynamic Analysis

In the offshore and defence sectors there are multiple applications for the assessment of structures using structural dynamics.   Applications for structural dynamics in the offshore industry may include:-

  • Impact loading
  • Dropped Objects
  • Boat Impact Assessments for fixed structures
  • Blast Loading
  • Mooring Dolphins
  • Non-homogeneous materials such as composites
  • Wave loading and wave impact loading of structures

In the defence sector, equipment can be shock rated using Finite Element techniques.  Our engineers are familiar with defence standards for shock and blast loading and have provided structural analysis of equipment under a pulse loading, which has been shown a good correlation with physical shock testing.

Dynamic analysis is often run as a non-linear analysis to demonstrate that the structure can withstand the loading without unacceptable damage.

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