Dynamic Simulations

Longitude is highly experience in undertaking a range of dynamic analyses for all vessel types or other offshore structure throughout the marine industry.
These analyses typically take the form of structural dynamics, where a time history approach is taken to identify the response of a structure to a pulse or dynamic loading. Alternatively, we look at the hydrodynamics, where we assess in detail the response of an offshore structure to a seastate.

Specialist Dynamic Simulations

Longitude Engineering is uniquely experienced in the interaction of ships with other ships, other offshore structures, marine equipment and the shore. Our combined maritime experience with technical expertise enables us to provide complex simulations using state-of-the-art 3D software, for Structural Dynamic Analyses and Hydrodynamics to assess diffraction and displacement, as well as strength, impact and shock analyses on the full range of marine equipment.

In some cases, such as for the global strength analysis of a ship shape, a combination of the two analyses is required.

Structural Dynamics Analysis

  • Assessment of Jack Up rigs and Fixed Platforms
  • Shock and blast loading of offshore or military structures
  • Dropped Objects and Boat Impact Studies
  • Collisions
  • Boat impact

Hydrodynamic Analysis

  • Mooring design and analysis
  • Dynamic heavy-lift & lowering analysis
  • Dynamic positioning assessment
  • Operability studies / up time analysis
  • Motions Response Analysis
  • Multiple floating body interactions
  • Seakeeping
  • Green water analysis, slamming and wave impact
  • Riser analysis
  • Cable/umbilical and pipeline installation engineering

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