Seabed Morphology

Hydrodynamic processes interact with the sea bottom to mobilise and transport sediments. State-of-art numerical models are used to simulate sediment transport and morphology processes generated by the interaction between hydrodynamics with bathymetry features and coastal/subsea

Seabed Evolution

Longitude provides a combined approach of engineering analysis tools and numerical modelling to characterize morphology processes affecting projects throughout their lifecycle, from feasibility, planning, permitting and design.

The assessment of morphology and scour dynamics allows us to evaluate the performances of different project design alternatives and to support environmental impact studies.

Applications of sediment transport modelling include:

  • Seabed evolution and shoreline changes evaluation;
  • Design of shoreline protection;
  • Impact assessment of coastal structures;
  • Estimation of channel/trench backfilling;
  • Local scour assessment and protections design;
  • Cover requirements for pipeline/cable landfalls and pipeline/cable free span evolution;
  • Modelling of dredging sediment plume dispersion;
  • Mass flow modelling (i.e. debris flows)

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Newcastle, Longitude

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Deep Ocean UK-Maersk Connector Grounding Analysis at Walney

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Spud Can Cracking Root Cause Analysis

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