Longitude were instructed by Deep Ocean to undertake a detailed grounding analysis of their new cable lay vessel the Maersk Connector for two export cables for the Walney Extension Offshore Windfarm. Longitude worked with DOUK, the developer (DONG) and several other interested parties such as MWS and owners of existing subsea assets to provide analysis of all stages of the grounding to verify operability limits.


Longitude’s Scope of Work

  • Cable lay vessel shallow water RAOs generation and motion analysis
  • DP capability analysis and skidding mooring analysis for both cable routes
  • Working with geotechnical subcontractor to define the seabed response, hull pressures and likelihood of scour during grounding
  • Structural analysis of the vessel
  • Full dynamic analysis of the vessel grounding including non-linear interaction of hydraulic damping between vessel and seabed
  • Developed bespoke loading computer with seabed profile to allow assessment of longitudinal strength during grounding