Marine Design/

Floating Production

Longitude provides engineering solutions for fpso and fso units – from concept studies and early engineering to class-approved engineering

Floating Production Marine Design

FPSO & FSO Design, Conversion & Installation Solutions

Our team has gained extensive experience from our involvement in FPSO and FSO conversions, as well as from working on several operational FPSO units. The scope of work typically covers all aspects of naval architecture and structural marine engineering relating to the FPSO, from the top of the modules to the keel.

Related services offered include:

Naval Architecture

  • Preparation of intact and damage trim and stability booklet
  • Hull deflections and deck stress calculations
  • Vessel motions analysis
  • Green water analysis
  • Offtake analysis
  • FPSO and FSO installation analysis
  • FPSO and FSO design services
  • Updating drawings, capacity plan, GA, etc.
  • Provision of documents and drawings required by client and class

Mooring and Risers

  • Mooring design, analysis and specification – including fatigue analysis
  • Single point moorings (SPM) design
  • Installation engineering for moorings and risers

Structural Design and Analysis

  • Scantling evaluation and finite element analysis of hull global strength using either full ship model with dynamic loading or three hold models
  • Structural topside module/pipe rack design and analysis
  • Helideck design, support structures and walkways
  • Foundations for QRH, life boat davits and FRC
  • Crane pedestal design; boom rest design and analysis
  • Flare tower design, including foundations
  • Design of FPSO riser porch, offloading platform structure
  • Design of mooring chain stoppers foundations