Longitude were contracted by Yinson Production to undertake structural engineering for the conversion of a VLCC to FPSO for operation in OCTP field, offshore Ghana.


Facts and Figures:

  • 318m Vessel LBP
  • 58m Vessel Breadth
  • 12-points spread mooring system
  • DNV Class

Engineering scope:

Local strength and fatigue analyses were conducted on multiple main deck structures. The scope of work included the living quarters modifications, the cargo handling gear foundations, the pancake and topside equipment stool foundations, the cable rack and support structure, the pipe rack and support structure, the forward offloading hose reel support and the overboard caissons.

Longitude also performed the PMA fatigue analysis, a non-linear dropped object study and the main deck mooring and towing outfitting integration and deck strengthening analysis. These scopes were performed using a combination of Finite element software like STAAD.Pro and FEMAP and sets of in-house calculation spreadsheets.

Longitude produced the relevant sets of fabrications drawings for the construction yard.

Longitude also provided on-site support to client to assist in issues related to construction.

Longitude liaised with class in order to reply and resolve comments to ensure timely approval of plans and reports.