Longitude were contracted by BW Offshore to provide the engineering service (Pre-Sanction Stage) based on BWO’s Singapore office for the conversion of a FSO unit (Floating Production Unit) “Belokamenka” to a FPSO Unit (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) Libra that shall be located on the Santos Basin within the southern Brazilian oceanic region.

Facts and Figures:

  • 25m Vessel LBP
  • 65m Vessel Breadth
  • Spread mooring system
  • DNV Class

Longitude’s Scope of Work
Longitude produced the design brief report to highlight the principles for the structural design of the topside module stool.
Longitude performed the sensitivity study to verify the effect of the rigidity of the topside superstructure and the rigidity of under deck frame/bulkhead to the topside stool interaction in FEMAP respectively.
Local strength, buckling and fatigue analyses were conducted to verify the structure capacity of the topside module stools on the Libra FPSO in FEMAP to meet the DNV requirements. Longitude recommended the method for deck and hull reinforcement via topside module stool.