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Dave Pitt, Snr Naval Architect | OSD-IMT Bideford, North Devon

What do you do at OSD-IMT? 

I am a ship design Naval Architect focusing on concept and basic design up to classification approval. I have a special interest in dredgers and the dredging market.

What inspired you to go into the field you are in? 

I was fortunate to work with a very experienced team of ship designers from the Appledore shipyard. They have shown me how exciting new build design is and it’s pretty addictive.

What do you enjoy about working at OSD-IMT? 

We have been very fortunate in OSD-IMT to get the opportunity to work in all aspects of Naval Architecture without being pigeonholed in to a specialism. So for me it is the variety of the work that I get to work on.

What is the most exciting aspect of the energy transition for you? 

There are lots of owners looking to build new tonnage at the moment who are very nervous about the future changes in ship fueling. They all view the carbon tax as a significant risk to their profitability. Trying to balance upfront capital expenditure against suitable future proofing will be the trick in the coming years. It is even more pressing at the moment to try and stay up to date with the latest supplier equipment and legislation.

Can you tell us about the most exciting / unusual or challenging project you have work on? 

We prepared the basic engineering package for the new Damen MAD3500 aggregate dredgers. This was a very challenging project from the start as the beam is limited by the Shoreham lock transit. The vessel almost entirely fills the lock. The stability was very tight from the start of the project and she was fitted with a prototype cargo discharge system that sits with a high vertical centre of gravity (VCG). So really for ship design it was the perfect storm of high VCG growth risk and no where to run with Beam.

What do you enjoy in your spare time? 

I have two kids so I’m not totally sure what this “spare time” concept is. If I do get a brief gap I enjoy time out in the garage trying to keep my classic cars running and I attempt to not come last racing a Morgan three wheeler.