Fluor BV has executed a number of large onshore projects for refineries and onshore pant by modularization of the plant and shipping the modules from a fabrication yard to the final site, rather than stick build on site.   Modules include Pre-Assembled Units (PAU’s) and Pre-Assembled Racks (PAR’s) and typically range in size from 10 to 1,000 tonnes, with some modules weighing up to 2,500 tonnes.

For all projects, Longitude has provided early stages design engineering for module design and naval architectural support throughout the project.   Scopes includes, derivation of module design criteria for transportation, fatigue analysis, concept grillage design and analysis and specification of NDT requirements for grillage and module structures.

Structural analysis of modules in accordance with Eurocode using LRFD methods.  Longitude scope includes the specification of load factors for extreme and serviceability limit states and structural analysis of fatigue limit states.

Projects involve the shipment of multiple modular structures by either flat top barge or by RO RO vessel through routes from Southern Europe to Rotterdam, China to Rotterdam and India or China to Kuwait.

Metocean data has been provided for every route detailing extreme wind and wave heights on the route and exceedance tables allowing detailed assessment of project risk.  Module design criteria has then been developed using voyage simulation analysis with SAFEtrans software or extreme seastate analysis using MOSES software.

In addition to providing engineering services, Longitude has also been able to provide general naval architectural consultancy to Fluor on all aspects of loadout, transportation and load-in of project cargos.