Longitude was instructed by Fluor BV to provide naval architecture services for the transportation of project cargoes for the Al Zour Project. The project cargoes will consist of a number of pre-assembled units (PAU’s) and pre-assembled racks (PAR’s) which will be built in Zhanjiang, China and shipped to Kuwait.

The aim of the analysis was to review the metocean conditions along the route from China to to Kuwait and to provide the following details:-

  • 10 year return non-cyclonic extremes (wind speed and significant wave height) for the route.
  • Recommendation of wave spectrum to be used
  • % Exceedance tables for significant wave heights

The transit route was divided into areas with similar meteorological conditions. The conditions in these areas were then investigated using the wave model data which is considered an appropriate source of data for the assessment of the entire transit route as it is consistent for all areas. The analysis was based on WAVEWATCH III Hindcasts with re-analysis data published by NOAA.