Longitude developed the concept design of a river plastic collection vessel, collecting plastic polluting with minimum impact to the river’s biodiversity.

Longitude’s Scope of Work  

  • Design Basis of vessel 
  • Concept Design: Ship layouts, weight distribution, power generation assessment and class compliance 
  • Complete 3D model of vessel

The Project

Rivers are a major source of plastic waste into the oceans. We estimate that over 1,000 rivers are accountable for 80% of global annual emissions.

The aim of the client was to capture the plastics in the rivers to avoid them entering the oceans and spreading more.

Longitude has designed the River Recovery System (RRS) as a cost-effective floating vessel with a boom collection system that guides the plastic pollution floating along the river’s current to the recovery conveyor while having minimum impact on the biodiversity of the river.

A modular design was selected to allows the RRS to be transported in 20ft containers to the most remote areas of South East Asia with the support of basic logistic equipment. The modular design was simplified so it can be built in situ with minimal facilities when available. The selection of construction material made the unit easy to build, maintain and repair. A daughter vessel will accompany the RSS during the installation and will collect the skip and take the waste safely to shore for processing and recycling.

Overall, the project stands testament of Longitude’s commitment to sustainability and environmental innovation. Longitude will continue to support the client during the construction and operation of the River Plastic Collection Vessel.