Longitude has ongoing relationships in place to support the Alteration and Amendment (A+A) of military ships.

Within this framework Longitude has undertaken a review of the mooring arrangements on board a number of vessels. This has included the specification of mooring loads through computer simulation, review of existing mooring equipment and layouts and the structural and installation design for upgrades as necessary. For each ship class considered, Longitude recommended a range of upgrade options with a cost-benefit analysis so the customer can select and prioritise the most appropriate upgrade programme to match available upgrade periods, ship service life and available funding.

Key aspects of this work were:

  • Provide strategic technical and production advice to the customer and yards regarding mooring equipment
  • Determine state of compliance against regulations
  • Complete dynamic vessel simulations
  • Optimise mooring layouts with existing equipment to maximise capability, including consulting ships’ staff and operators
  • Survey the ships’ existing equipment and structural arrangements to determine the current safe working loads
  • Determine the extent of equipment upgrade required to meet the full intent of regulations
  • Produce specification of required equipment for tendering by the shipyard
  • Design the required structural upgrades to install the revised mooring equipment
  • Produce production drawings for the required upgrades
  • Provide production support to the shipyards