Longitude was contracted by Gryphon Energy to provide detailed engineering associated with conversion of a MODU to a MOPU for operation offshore Indonesia.

Facts and Figures:

  • 4800 tons elevated weight
  • 64 m water depth
  • Mat supported unit
  • BV Class

Longitude’s Scope of Work

The engineering scope included naval architecture and structural engineering for the modifications for the KE-38 platform.

The in-place analysis of the unit included a global model assessment using SACS software, for leg strength analysis and global Hull, Topside and Mat assessment using FEMAP software. Seismic and geotechnical foundation stability analysis were also performed to complete the on-site assessment.


Local analyses were conducted to verify the leg to mat local strength and fatigue behavior and the integration of the Topside modules, LER and Generators. Longitude was also contracted to provide a dropped object analysis, a boat impact analysis, the addition of a new linking bridge and of equipment foundations. These local studies were done using either SACS or FEMAP software.

Longitude was also in charge of the verification of the legs and topside structures during transportation.
Longitude also liaised with class to reply and resolve comments, to ensure technical requirements of the scope are met and facilitate submission of technical deliverables.