Marine Operations/



Longitude’s experience in marine operations – in particular, offshore construction activities – lends itself directly to the design and engineering for the decommissioning of offshore assets. Longitude has experience of the demobilisation of both fixed and floating assets and has designed bespoke equipment for decommissioning operations in the many waters, including the North Sea.

Independent Oil & Gas/Offshore Decommissioning Services

As an independent consultancy, Longitude is uniquely placed not only to design decommissioning operations, but also to independently assess the viability of decommissioning a structure, in terms of the marine fleet’s ability to safely execute the work – and of assessing the structural integrity of the structure being removed.

Full Design Service for Decommissioning Offshore Facilities

In a similar way to offshore construction engineering, Longitude is able to provide a full design service including method statements, risk assessments, HAZIDs and procedures. These are in addition to engineering services necessary to ensure the offshore decommissioning operation can be safely executed.

FPSO, FSO & MOPU Decommissioning

Our engineers have experience with the decoupling and decommissioning of FPSOs, FSOs, MOPUs and other production vessels, as well as the removal of fixed structures. We have been involved in the design of two bespoke systems, one for the removal of jacket and topsides up to 1,500 tonnes in weight, and the other for jacket and topsides removal up to 25,000 tonnes in weight.

Experienced Offshore Decommissioning Contractor

Longitude has been contracted to design offshore decommissioning projects using a crane barge to lift piece by piece, but also has engineered reverse floatover methods for topsides. In both cases, carefully designed grillage and seafastening is provided to allow the connection of these structures to transport the vessel at minimum effort and maximum safety in an offshore environment.

Longitude is continuously supporting clients with innovative engineering and cost-effective solutions for the decommissioning of offshore structures.