Our People

Emanuele Terrile

Metocean & Coastal Engineer

Core Skills

Coastal Engineering, Metocean Analyses, Environmental Studies


Dr Emanuele Terrile has over 15 years of professional experience as a metocean and coastal engineering consultant, highly experienced over a range of projects across both marine renewables and oil & gas sectors.

He graduated from the University of Genoa in Civil Engineering with a specialisation in Hydraulics in 2004, followed by gaining a PhD in Fluid Dynamics.

Since his studies Emanuele has gone on to collaborate on several distinguished environmental projects including with the Bjerknes Center for Climate Research in Bergen, working on the Norwegian Coastal Current Dynamics,  with the University of Oslo and Norwegian Met Office on Lagrangian-like analyses for nearshore models and oil slick dynamics forced by deep water waves, and gaining a David Crighton Fellowship at the University of Cambridge to work on the Lagrangian model applied in coastal regions.

Prior to Longitude, Emanuele also held senior engineering positions at SAIPEM as a company representative for the geophysical survey during the Kashagan development experimental programme in Kazakhstan, and more recently at RINA Group in the Oceanography and Marine Modeling Units.

From 2017 to 2019, Dr. Terrile was Metocean Manager at Rina Consulting. He was involved within several projects on definition of metocean design parameters for the offshore engineering, development of debris flow modelling activities, nearshore circulation modelling studies, morpho-dynamics studies for coastal protection, sediment transport studies for pipeline design, preparation of technical documentation for tenders and revision of EU projects.

As a senior consultant at Longitude, Emanuele specialises in new projects requiring expertise on metocean and transport-coastal issues providing Client tailored support.