Working in joint venture with GPS, Longitude and GPS provided marine and process Pre-FEED engineering to establish the suitability of the field for a Mobile Offshore Production Unit (MOPU) and to prepare cost estimates for the engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning of the selected unit.

Longitude prepared a marked survey to identify the potential donor jack-up rigs that might be available for conversion.   The candidate rigs were separated into independent leg units and mat supported units.  On the basis of this study, a shortlist of candidate units were selected as the basis for initial engineering.

The design of process equipment was prepared by GPS based on the available space of the candidate units, following which Longitude prepared in –place analysis to determine the suitability of the units for the Bualuang development, including, strength and fatigue of the legs as well as suitability of the foundation.

Longitude prepared specifications, for pre-purchase inspections of the candidate units and for geotechnical investigations of the Bualuang site.  In addition, Longitude prepared a scope of work for the marine aspects of the conversion covering all elements of naval architecture, structures, and marine systems.   Longitude also prepared costings for the transportation and installation engineering which were combined with the costs estimated for the purchase and conversion of the rig to estimate a total project budget.