Longitude is working on a number of projects to support the Alteration and Amendment (A+A) of military ships in use in the UK and overseas. Examples of the projects carried out are as follows:

  • Design of a grey water pump installation, including equipment specification, system design, and detailed installation design.
  • Design of lifting structures to support the removal of primary generator sections from the engine room.
  • Design support to the development of a temporary Replenishment At Sea winch loading platform.
  • Design of gangways and brows
  • Design modification of six Classes of ship to accept a new series of on-board davits, involving structural design, detailed installation design and trials (see separate Case Study).
  • Detailed structural design of a full set of new mooring equipment for two ships, including bollards, fairleads, pedestal rollers and winches (see separate Case Study).
  • Design of Ballast Water Treatment Plant installations

In most cases Longitude has carried out a turnkey work package including requirements definition, customer liaison, concept design, detailed design, analysis as required, manufacturing support, trials and customer acceptance. In taking such an approach the customer can be confident that the design intent is preserved throughout and that a safe and effective system is delivered. All design work is well documented at each stage, which provides a high level of support to the build yard. In taking this approach Longitude is able to work directly with overseas organisations and shipyards in the same manner as those in the UK.