Longitude were contracted by GPS to provide detailed engineering associated with decommissioning of Cendor MOPU Producer, offshore Malaysia.

Facts and Figures:

  • 3200tons topside’s elevated weight
  • 63m Water depth
  • Mat supported unit
  • Independent wellhead to be supported
  • ABS Class

Longitude’s Scope of Work
The engineering scope included naval architecture, structural engineering and marine engineering for the modifications for the decommissioning of Cendor MOPU.
The removal analysis conducted included initial stability verifications using GHS software, motion and green seas analysis using MOSES software, mooring analysis, MOPU removal procedure, wellhead bracing and holding engineering.

The transportation scope included analyses for the leg and pinhole strength verification using a combination of SACS and FEMAP software, the damage and intact stability and the leg VIV check. In addition, the main deck local strength was checked iwo bollards and smit brackets, together with the tug selections and towage procedure production.