Longitude was initially contracted by Lundin Malaysia for the detailed mooring design of an FPSO. The FPSO had previously been operating at another field using a weather vanning mooring system and required an upgrade with life extension as well as a change to a spread mooring system as she was to be located within 40m of a new fixed well head platform.

Facts and Figures:

  • LBP – 267m, Breadth – 41m
  • 14-points spread mooring system
  • 76m water depth
  • DNV Class

Engineering scope:

Longitude’s initial scope was to provide a permanent mooring design of the FPSO including drawings and specifications of all parts of the mooring with detailed designs of the pile anchors and followers.

Once the FPSO arrived in the shipyard, Longitude’s engineers supported Lundin’s site team to provide the full range of naval architectural and structural services for the life extension for the FPSO. The services included the global strength and fatigue assessment of the hull, local design of chain stoppers and new crane pedestals, as well as, verification of suitability of the flare tower and process equipment supports for future service.  All engineering drawings and analysis reports were approved by DNV.

As the project progressed, Longitude provided project management services for the selection of the mooring and hook-up up installation contractor, followed by detailed design of the mooring installation and FPSO hookup. Correct positioning of the FPSO relative to the WHP was critical to the success of the project, given the close proximity of the two structures and the need to run jumpers between them.  To achieve this, Longitude’s naval architects provided engineering support to the installation manager during hook-up, to advising on the required tensioning of lines to achieve the correct final position of the FPSO.